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If you want tailored marketing support, we can help. Our digital marketing experts specialise in helping businesses get online and increase their turnover without breaking the bank.

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What is

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broad category that incorporates many things like; Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing and the use of other digital mediums to promote your business. Each of these are like the strands of a spider’s web, with your website at the centre.

Depending on your sector, product, or service type, different platforms would be better suited for different businesses. This can be due to your particular customer base preferring to use certain platforms over others; like LinkedIn for B2B (Business to Business).

You may have a very visually engaging product, or a brand that thrives on repeat business and B2C (Business to Consumer) engagement; which would be better suited to platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Or you may have a business that’s more likely to be discovered when someone is searching for your specific product or service; such as mechanic or waste removal.

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tailored Digital Marketing

Knowing the best combination and most effective way to market a specific business type and maximise the return on investment, is what Encapsulate specialise in. This allows our clients to focus on running their business while we drive potential new clients to them.

All our Digital Marketing packages are on a rolling 30-day basis, because we don’t believe in locking our clients into contracts, to keep them with us. Our clients stay because of the results we produce, not because of a signature on a sheet of paper.

To ensure our clients know they’re getting value for money, we provide monthly reports and analytical data, to show them exactly how effective our marketing campaigns have been.

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