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It’s no secret that social media now plays a huge role in Digital Marketing. At Encapsulate, we can help you harness it’s benefits and avoid making the common mistakes that get accounts closed.

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Social Media Marketing

There are many methods that can be employed to effectively drive traffic and potential clients to your website. One of these is Social Media Marketing.

If you’re not connecting with potential clients through platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, you could be missing out.

Social Media Marketing is a form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media networks and is an effective way for companies of all sizes to reach potential and existing customers. Well thought out and engaging marketing via social media platforms can bring remarkable success to your business, by driving leads and new sales.

Depending on your business, or product type, social media marketing can be a great tool for creating targeted marketing campaigns and reaching new audiences. Social media marketing is also great for engaging with followers of your brand, increasing brand awareness and encouraging repeat business.

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How Social Media is used

within our Marketing Support

The tailored Social Media Marketing support we deliver at Encapsulate, can be as simple as offering advice to in-house members of staff, on brand consistency and targeted advertising.

We can also provide a more comprehensive service, by taking full responsibility for your social media profiles; creating video posts, content writing and crafting targeted advertising campaigns.

For clients having more significant Social Media Marketing, we provide regular analytical reports showing detailed information about post engagements, then use the data to constantly improve the effectiveness of future posts and adverts.

All our Social Media Marketing packages are on a rolling 30-day basis. This is because we prefer to keep clients because of the results we produce, not because they’re locked into a contract.

To discuss Social Media Marketing for your business, contact a member of our team today.

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